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21 June 2011 @ 04:31 pm
Importance of Independence  

Our freedom was attained by our ancestors after striving for centuries and hundreds
of revolts. Now, we are able to celebrate the 113th year of our independence. So what is independence and why is it so important? Independence means
freedom from the  control, influence, support, or the like, of others as defined in the dictionary. An independent nation has the power to rule and it can make its own laws and decisions, basically function on its own without interference from other countries. The citizens of an independent
country have rights and for democratic countries, the power to choose their leaders. Independent countries are united, organized and have a single government recognized by all. A country is also given its own set of rights
once their independence is recognized. Having independence is important in order for a country and its people to develop. So we should not take our independence for granted, instead we must unite and defend our independence as a nation.

      In order to survive modern day society, we must be independent. Since the world advances rapidly especially in terms of technology we must learn to adapt on our own. We can’t just depend on our
parents all the time or on others because of the rise and fall of the economy, nothing is stable, we must learn to make a living and survive by ourselves  We must be able to support ourselves without anyone’s help and make right decisions on our own. We should be independent so that we will not be a burden to others and so that we won’t have to rely on other people. Though having independence doesn’t mean you can’t rely on others
or follow what others tell you to do. We also shouldn’t abuse our independence nor take it for granted, for being independent is blessing and also a responsibility. An independent person will not only benefit himself but will also his country to progress further. That is why independence is so important in today’s society.